About DealerPRO

DealerPRO Training is the Largest Performance Based Fixed Operations Training Organization in North America. Our exclusive Performance Driven Training builds your team into top customer retention specialists.

Don Reed, CEO of DealerPRO Training, has worked with hundreds of dealerships and dealer groups across the U.S., Canada and the U.K. teaching them how to increase profits in fixed operations.

DealerPRO’s Heavy Duty Truck Division is committed to addressing the unique challenges in the Heavy Duty Service and Parts operation, while increasing gross profits and decreasing down time.

Don has conducted workshops for Navistar, NTP-Stag, NADA Convention workshops and webinars, RVDA, GM, Chrysler, Nissan, and Subaru and writes regularly for AutoDealer Monthly, AutoSuccess, Fixed Ops, RVPRO, and Dealer magazines.

Our proven, in-dealership performance driven training initiatives have produced additional gross profits for dealers that beat their previous year’s performance by up to 40% or more.
We’ve accomplished these remarkable results by training, teaching and coaching the dealership
service team on Putting Your Customer FIRST…on each and every visit.

We are so confident in these performance driven processes that we even base our compensation on the dealer’s profit improvement.

Simply put, if we don’t increase gross profits—we don’t get paid.

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