Why Hire Us …

There are lots of good reasons to do business with DealerPRO Heavy Duty Training. The best reason of all is that you will increase your profits—GUARANTEED!

We can make such a bold statement with complete confidence because the DealerPRO Heavy Duty Training Team has years of in-dealership experience and proven success generating 10s of millions of dollars in added Service Gross Profits for dealers nationwide!

Here’s how we help you maximize service sales and optimize technician productivity …

1. Performance-Based Compensation. If you don’t make more money, we don’t get paid. Because we get paid out of increased profits, putting us to work doesn’t really cost you anything—but it opens to door to fantastic new profits.

2. Money-Back Guarantee. We guarantee all of your initial investment will be returned in the form of additional gross profit or we will gladly refund the difference to you.

3. Proven Results. Our average dealer experiences a 40% increase in retail gross profit.

4. Experienced Trainers. Our Trainers average more than 23 years of retail dealership service experience.

5. In-Dealership Installation & Training. Our Trainers deliver comprehensive one-on-one training that builds your people’s sales and communication skills.

6. SMART Menus. Electronic menus increase sales by offering your customers maintenance choices—increasing CSI and owner retention.

7. Monthly Performance Monitoring & Maintenance. Ongoing In-Dealership Personnel Performance Evaluations and Refresher Training keeps your people  on track.

8. DealerPRO VTN Online Training. 13 months of 24/7 VTN Training included for all Service Managers and Service Advisors participating in the Performance Based Training program.

9. Continued Success. You continue to profit for years to come!

Optimize Technician Productivity and increase your Service Gross Profits by up to 40% or more!


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