We created the first training network in the Heavy Duty Truck industry by offering a multitude of products and services to include …

• Profit Improvement Plans that enable you to start earning the profits you deserve
• In-dealership Training for Service Advisors and the Fixed Operations Management Team
• DealerPRO VTN–the best Online Interactive Training for RV Service
• The DealerPRO Training Center: offering monthly classes to fit your schedule
• Our exclusive TOP 10-rated ‘Profit Builders Workshops’
• SMART Menus that train your customers how to maintain safe and reliable Trucks
• Monthly Monitoring and Maintenance Plans to keep the momentum going for the long term
• Call Center Training to increase appointments and sales

When we created the synergy to put all of these Performance Driven products and services together and then recruited and trained some of the top Truck and Automotive Fixed Operations Specialists in the industry. The result became The Don Reed PRO Training Network.

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